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"Kiran mentored us on the finance front as part of Target Accelerator Program. He works very closely with the entrepreneurs and focuses on granular details. He is also extremely patient with tech entrepreneurs like myself who have no understanding of finance. He is very proactive to support the entrepreneurs who are otherwise busy building products and talking to customers. He was of great help to us in building our financial projection and also work out the valuation of the company. I strongly recommend him for all startups."
- Anup Balagopal
Co-founder, Torchsight

"Moral, I have been associated with your organisation very recently, but  I felt very good bond has been established between us. I feel the personal attention given to the customers by you has led to this superb feeling. I was not at all interested in share market until recently. I felt the need for some mentor to walk on this dangerous road (share market) which i felt was fulfilled very nicely by your team.

Thanks a lot for generating interest in  the market and following up and tracking personally."
- CA Swati Sharma

"As a new user of Trading in Market,  I have been greatly impressed by the level of support and help I have received from Mentes Kapital in setting up my investment and trading in market, they have been timely, persistent in addressing the exact time amount of investment to be made.  I want to thank you for your seamless friendly, efficient, and competent assistance. It is very much appreciated. It is good to know that customer service is there and stands ready to assist
I had opted for Bulls eye and signature hedging plans, both of them were good and specially the hedging plan is really their signature product.

I appreciate a long term relationship with the company"
- CA.T K NandaKumar