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"In the long run, it's not just how much money you make that will determine your future prosperity. It's how much of that money you put to work by saving it and investing it."

-Peter Lynch

Mentes Portfolio Management Services

Porfolio management services at Mentes Capital


For the middle class it is very important to know that their earnings minus spending needs to be put to work at the best possible avenue. This is not a choice but a compulsion because over the years in the future savings invested in substandard avenues earn returns just enough to cover only inflation or sometimes worse than inflation. The newer members of the middle class then feel that their parents were better off than they were. As the money loses value 
( all fiat currency looses value over time ) thanks to easy money policy and fractional reserve banking asset prices zoom up far outstripping the capacity of the middle class to afford. Consequently you get lesser and lesser for the more and more money. Now the question correctly arises how to break out of this morass? The answer is simple Equity Investment.

It’s not without reason that the rich earn not by salary income but by capital gains. The moment we say this typical thought process is, LAND. Hold on now, land investments are notoriously ridden with legal complication with too many hassles for an individual to handle alone. Initial investment is too high and the oversight required paying property taxes and fencing is not worth the time of the investor. A raw land in the middle of nowhere takes 40 years to deliver returns and when it does it’s marginally over inflation. If Capital Gains is your quest then Equity Investments are your answer.

The most common refrain one hears is investing in Equity is risky. So is crossing a street. On a more serious note if our first ancestors did not take the risk to climb down the tree or come out of the cave and go hunting he would have starved to death. Risk is an ally not the enemy. One must take the risks he is in the best position to take and withstand. A smart investment strategy ventured into after conducting sound research pays in spades. This is where we at MENTES KAPITAL can add tremendous strength to your plans for some serious wealth building over a medium to long term time horizon.

Investment involves firstly understanding the risks we are bearing and the proportionate rewards we can expect. Gambling involves relying on a chance outcome to make us money. Speculation involves high stakes game undertaken after expert analysis to unlock wealth over a short period of time. Speculation is not bad it is essential in a free market economy because it drives up prices in anticipation of demand thus quenching the real demand and thus not allowing shortages to take place and similarly driving down prices in anticipation of drying up demand thus not allowing overproduction and wastage to take place.

We at MENTES KAPITAL provide sound advice on Investment and Trading activities you may wish to Invest in. Under our Portfolio Management Services you can buy Multibagger stocks for a longer time horizon for your retirement needs and the financial needs of your children. You can take advantage of our Bulls eye recommendation to pick stocks which is expected to give you attractive returns in a shorter time horizon thus parking your short and medium term cash surpluses. Should you wish to trade we also provide you well researched select trading calls on a daily and often more than three calls per day? We however wish to warn you that Equity investment is for the patient lot. In the long run the market is a valuing machine in the short run money moves from the impatient to the patient.
PMS introduction in Mentes Capital


We create stock portfolio which includes midcaps, small caps and large cap with mix variant potential businesses which have a greater amount of tendency to become large cap. Portfolio is important to reduce the risk without sacrificing the return. It is a complex process which tries to make investment activity more rewarding and less risky. Across the world high net worth individual turning to specialist portfolio management services for managing their wealth. This is personalized tailor made service for high net worth individual like you. We provide professional solutions customized to meet your financial goals. Meeting investment easy yet rewarding high net worth individual like you.

How do we operate?

  • It works on offline basis i.e., customers has to do an execution after the recommendations.
  • We would shape your existing portfolio to model portfolio over a period of time.  
  • Non discretionary type of portfolio management.
  • Financial security consists of stocks of various kinds of businesses unlike other PMS.
  • Our Multi bagger stocks would play major role on portfolio selection.
  • Support system through telephone/video conference by senior equity analyst.
  • Prior appointment requires for portfolio discussion.
  • We will generate client code after your complete registration process.

Our approach on portfolio creation:-

We involve with the various processes and activities to optimizing the investment. Five phases basically can be recognized:-
Stock analysis:- Under the stock analysis we tend to sell the overpriced stock and purchase the undervalued stock which comprises of fundamental +technical analysis.
Portfolio analysis:-  A large number of portfolio can be created  after selection of potential businesses not necessarily sector specific but can be stock specific as well . We follow warren buffet investment style. We advise a portfolio should comprise of 12-14 various businesses. It involves the mathematically calculation return and risk of each portfolio.
Portfolio Selection:- We believe that the portfolio should yield good return with calculative risk so as to justify efficient portfolio.
Portfolio revision:- There are various micro and macro economic factors which may hamper in the portfolio yield. so constant eye on the equity mix requires time to time.
Portfolio evaluation:- This phase involves the regular analysis and assessment of portfolio performances in terms of risk and return over a period of time. There are various opportunities come in place, we always choose the safe investment.

Who is eligible for portfolio creation?

  • Investors who is having 3-5 lacs/save 10k-15k every month.
  • Investors want professionals support for portfolio management and the transparent service model.
  • Who is having clear vision of long term investment and avoid gambling on day to day basis of trading. Understands the importance of risk management to build compounded returns.
  • This is one of the alternative forms of retirement plan, who perceives the benefit of allocating their hard earned money.
  • Investors want to follow the Ideal investors like Warren buffet, Peter lynch etc. and their investment style.