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Mentes Kapital

"The reality is that business and investment spending are the true leading indicators of the economy and the stock market. If you want to know where the stock market is headed, forget about consumer spending and retail sales figures. Look to business spending, price inflation, interest rates, and productivity gains."

-Mark Skousen

Mentes Multibagger

Mentes Multibagger


Investors who’s objective is long term capital appreciation seek returns commensurate with the risk they are bearing. We recommend a Multibagger plan for such investors.

Selecting a stock which represents sound business run by competent managers with sustainable competitive advantage is what we do.

We recommend one such stock each month for the investors to allocate their capital. We pick solid businesses which have robust market share but is available at a relatively low price.

We conduct fundamental analysis and technical analysis on the stocks we pick. We estimate the intrinsic value of the stock using various cash flow based approaches and also relative valuation based approaches. This report is sent to our subscribers so that they can make well informed decisions after considering all angles.

Stock Investments which are backed by in depth research is smart investment. Smart money earns superior returns.

All our picks tend to be today’s mid cap which we expect will be tomorrow’s large cap stocks. Our recommendations will involve capital allocation based on the risk capital available with the investor and we target stocks that we think will give explosive returns.

Our performance tracker will give you our favorite pick. Our preferred investment horizon as Charlie Munger says is “Forever”. These stocks are every green and if you do not have them in your portfolio we recommend that you do.

In this plan we provide you 12 recommendations per year. We suggest only risk capital be allocated to Equity investments. Thus with a systematic style of value investing over a long period of time the terminal wealth of Investors will be much higher than outdated methods of investing through an intermediary.

Who is eligible for Mentes Multibagger?

  • Investors who understand the benefits of long term investment.
  • Ability to hold the business(Stock) for at least 1.5 years to see the benefits and achieve their goal. ( we have hardly seen a loss on any random investment in stocks that were held for a period of 5 years)
  • A minimum capital size of Rs 15,000 per month to invest in each stock that is recommended ( cost of a weekend outing with family )
  • Set a goal for future requirements and invest in stock market with discipline.

Psychological framework for successful investing.

  • Successful investors don’t day trade in the hope to flip the stock in 20 minutes.
  • Stock markets are a mechanism to move money from the impatient to the patient.
  • Markets can stay irrational for far longer than investor can stay solvent thus the “Tend is the friend.”
  • Following the herd can prove costly.
  • Cut your losses and Ride your gains. ( we love the pride of profits but don’t want the regret of accepting losses)
  • Search of capital gains involves possibility of capital loss.
  • Risk is, not knowing what you are doing.
  • Risk is danger plus opportunity.
  • Diversification of risk is akin to having 40 wives. We won’t know even one adequately. There is no such thing as too much of a good thing. Excessive diversification is a sign of “ Spray and Pray “ ( we spray our money on 40 stocks and pray 10 gives explosive returns)

Approach while stock picks:

Sectors which are expected to grow given the Economic conditions we foresee is the place we begin with.

In these sectors we pick stocks after performing an in depth intra firm comparison to identify the leaders and the laggards within this sector.

Once we identify a stock we are tremendously excited about we look at EVERYTHING absolutely everything about the stock. We screen social media feeds, big data, talk to other analysts and scout every piece of publicly available information on the stock.

We look at market sentiment on the stock. Its historical financials, its dividends history, which mutual funds hold the stock, which markets the firm operates in, where are their factories, which products do they sell and where. We look at demographic shifts that may lead to shift in demand for the firm’s products.

Midway through this analysis if we believe this stock is not suitable to recommend we discard our research midway and once gain commence from step 1. Our objective is just one. To recommend simply the best stock for you to put your hard earn’t money in.

We suggest you read our historical reports. Its written in simple lucid language. It’s very technical and yet does not use unnecessary jargon. It’s very mathematics intense and incorporates statistical analysis.

Package offering:

Multibagger stock tips with complete follow up:-
  • One new Multibagger/high quality stock will be recommended every month with detailed reports. Proper updates on profit booking/re-entry are also notified via email, so that you don’t have any difficulties to track your investment.
  • Package offering + features.
  • 24*7 Supports.
  • Dedicated analyst.
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